8 Tips to Make Your Marketing Stand Out During The Holidays

November 11th, otherwise known as singles-day in recent years, has become the unofficial start of holiday season. From here on out we have thanksgiving, black Friday, cyber Monday, the 12 days of Christmas, Christmas and New Years.

So many holiday promotions; so little space in your consumers inbox.

In December of 2014, MailChimp sent over 14.1 Billion emails. That number isn’t just massive – it’s a massive increase from the previous year; a 72% increase to be exact.


Cyber Monday email growth from MailChimp


Think that number will go down? Think again! This holiday season eMail marketing softwares like Constant Contact and Mailchimp are expecting exponential growth in promotional newsletters.

You must be wondering – how can you make your marketing stand out during the holidays?

The first and most important tip is to start early. Plan out these holidays’ months in advance on your promotional calendar.

SHEvooking Tip: during the slow months of Summer, start brainstorming ideas and thinking of campaigns for your holiday promotions.

The next time is to remember where your consumer is. In 2015, your consumer is on a mobile phone, so whatever you are going to plan, make sure it is a mobile optimized campaign. That means mobile banners, landing pages and complete sites.

Give consumers what they want. With consumers today being smarter than ever, you need to give them something they really want. Don’t try to push a slow product – they want the best seller and if you don’t give them the best promotion, they will go somewhere else. The days of hiking up prices just to show a big red slash through the number come holiday season are over.

Video matters in 2015. With video accounting for over 50% of all mobile traffic and almost 57% of all consumer traffic, you can’t afford to skip out on video’s this holiday season. A video can educate and move consumers to action more than any form of marketing available today.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use display advertising. That’s right guys – It’s 2015 but banners still work. Don’t just put out a random banner. Create a campaign strategy that integrates various messages displayed to consumers through retargeting. It’s still 70% more likely to convert consumers than anything else.

Keep KISS in mind – the “keep it simple stupid” method applies to holiday marketing. Do not expect your consumer to spend hours reading your newsletter. Have simple copy and clear and inviting images to push your promotion through.

Share the process with your consumers. If you want consumers to connect to your brand and you are looking to build a long-lasting relationship with your consumer, show them what goes behind the scenes; remind them of the caring a dedicated team members behind every product, campaign or app.

Say thank you. People get emotional during the holidays. Use that emotion – and not just as a way to lure consumers to purchase your product. Try to really show customers that you appreciate them – this is how you can differentiate yourself from competitors. Offer a special reward for loyal members, provide a promotional code that can be shared. These things will increase your revenue and your connection to your consumer.

Shlomit, the CEO of SHEvooking for example. Despite not living in Florida for years, Shlomit is still loyal as ever to the supermarket chain that dominates Florida Publix. Why? Probably because of their moving commercials and commitment to caring about consumers.

Check out her favorite Publix “Salt & Pepper Thanksgiving Commercial.” It’s the ultimate tear-jerker.


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