Advanced Lead Generation Tips

You’re a lead-generation wiz. You’ve mastered our beginners tips and implement them in all your campaigns.

Your lead generation campaigns are converting – but you want them to yield even better results and get higher quality leads.

That means you’re ready for our advanced lead generation tips!

But first – a quick reminder about the basics:

  1. Come up with a great offer
  2. Know how to articulate your offer
  3. Have a single driving call to action
  4. Create a dedicated landing page
  5. Remember your simple form


Lets focus on your great offer – it doesn’t matter if it’s a coupon code, ebook, download, whiepaper, membership or anything else. To convert a lead you need to motivate consumers to take action.

One way to motivate people to take advantage of a great offer is by convincing them that they wont be able to forever. That’s right. Those basic supply and demand concepts you hated in high-school are back.

If your consumer perceives your product or offer to be limited in supply, more people will want it. Simple as that.

2015-11-05_1546Another great way to motivate people to claim an offer is by applying the Fear-of-Missing-Out (FOMO) principle. If everyone else has something – you will want it too. If everyone else is doing something, you’ll want to do it too.

So how do you make consumers thing they will be missing out of they don’t claim your offer? By integrating your social network of course!

Use your social network whenever possible to prove how valuable your product is. If you have over 10,000 subscribers to your blog, tell potentital subscribers. If your eBook has been downloaded 25,000 times – share that knowledge!

But beware: you can’t make up information just to sound good. That will harm consumers trust in you and negatively impact your brand.

What about your call to action (CTA)? 

This is one of the most critical parts of a lead generation campaign. You may have multiple call to actions – for example, you could have a call to action on a banner that least to a dedicated landing page, or you could have a call to action as a popup on your website. Each call to action button has to stand out and draw consumers eyes to the clickable action.

Whether driving people to sign up, submit a form or continue a process, your CTA can make it or break it for you in terms of conversion.

So how do you make your CTA stand out? For starters, you don’t use words like “submit” that have been used thousands of times (and most of the time has led to an email being added to a database in cyberworld). Deviate from commanding terminology and use your call to action as an invitation.

Tip: Try a first person CTA.

  • Start my free trial
  • Send me my eBook
  • Get my personalized report


Remember to use your confirmation page! 

Remember that super important landing page and holy-grail of a contact form? Well after your lead fills out that form, don’t forget to use the confirmation page to your advantage. After signing up for one offer, you already have a captive audience. Think about the checkout lane at the supermarket. You already have the items you want but a second before you leave the store you see the cashier sale section. You might not need a pack of M&M’s or the latest Vogue magazine; but that doesn’t mean you’re not tempted to get it.

Same concept applies to lead generation. After your lead has entered your system, show them another offer they may be interested in.

Tip: Make it a premium offer only available to people who have claimed the first one. IE only people who have downloaded the beginners eBook can download the advanced one.


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