The Burden of Boobs on a Business


Hi – Shlomit here. I am a business owner and I have boobs, and therefore my struggle is infinitely harder. In 2013 I opened my own company out of a simple desire – to be my own boss. I didn’t think that the fact that I lacked a Y chromosome would impact my ability to be a business owner (call …

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SHEvooking Secrets: Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses


A few weeks ago we wrote about our favorite freebie tools for small businesses and within days we started receiving emails from readers thanking us for the post (thank you readers!). Some of you had particularly strong feelings about email marketing and we decided to take your questions and turn them into our next blog post (since you know we …

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Top 5 Digital Content Marketing Trends for 2016


With 2015 coming to a close, it’s safe to say that digital content marketing is not a trend that is here-one-day-and-gone-the-next; Digital content marketing is here to stay. Companies in all industries are recognizing the importance of a strong content marketing strategy and recognize the importance of leveraging high quality and original content across all digital marketing channels. Both big …

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Original Content Isn’t Enough: How To Get Google To Index Your Site


We always talk about the importance of content marketing, but today we’re here to tell you that just creating original content isn’t enough. Yes yes, we know that “Content is King” and the key to success if communication and engagement with consumers, and the way to communicate is through original content that is written for your readers. That being said, …

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SHEvooking Secrets: Free Tools For Business Owners

SHEvooking secrets

You have a great service/business/app/idea and you’re putting everything you’ve got (read: blood, swear and tears) into building your business, but sometimes that’s not enough; sometimes you need a little tool to help you succeed. Whether its traffic you need to analyze, emails you need to send, landing pages you need to create or tweets you need to sent, there …

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8 Tips to Make Your Marketing Stand Out During The Holidays


November 11th, otherwise known as singles-day in recent years, has become the unofficial start of holiday season. From here on out we have thanksgiving, black Friday, cyber Monday, the 12 days of Christmas, Christmas and New Years. So many holiday promotions; so little space in your consumers inbox. In December of 2014, MailChimp sent over 14.1 Billion emails. That number …

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How to Create a High-Converting Squeeze Page


Before we tell you how to create a high-converting squeeze page, we’re going to tell you what a squeeze page is. A squeeze page is basically a beefed up lead generation landing page. If a regular lead generation landing page is designed to have you fill out a form but also give you additional information, a squeeze page is designed …

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What is a landing page?


You know you need marketing help. So you reach out to a marketing agency, set up a meeting and hear a lecture about your lead generation abilities and the conversion rates of your landing page. The problem is, no one ever bothered explaining to you what is a landing page exactly. Ok ok, we’re guilty of doing this too (just …

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How to Plan a Great Promotional Calendar


Promotions, like good content marketing strategies, do not happen overnight; and they certainly don’t happen without meticulous planning. Planning a promotional calendar is often tied to budget planning and content marketing planning. The reason behind that is because it gives companies an idea of the budget they need to allocate to certain promotions, and lets the content marketing team know …

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Advanced Lead Generation Tips


You’re a lead-generation wiz. You’ve mastered our beginners tips and implement them in all your campaigns. Your lead generation campaigns are converting – but you want them to yield even better results and get higher quality leads. That means you’re ready for our advanced lead generation tips! But first – a quick reminder about the basics: Come up with a great offer …

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