How to Create a High-Converting Squeeze Page

Before we tell you how to create a high-converting squeeze page, we’re going to tell you what a squeeze page is.

A squeeze page is basically a beefed up lead generation landing page. If a regular lead generation landing page is designed to have you fill out a form but also give you additional information, a squeeze page is designed to “squeeze” information out of you, withholding information until you fill a form.

Squeeze pages are also shorter than traditional landing pages with the underlying idea being that you will get the information you want, after you give the company the information they want; which is usually your name and email address.

So now that you understood what a squeeze page is (it’s really easy right?) we’re going to show you how to create a high-converting squeeze page in just five simple steps!

1) Know your audience – This seems obvious to some (like the SHEvooking ninjas) but we want to drive this home just in case. If you want to create a high-converting squeeze page, you need to know who you are targeting and more importantly, what they want.

2) Do not give away the milk for free (like your mother told you when you started dating) – the point of a squeeze page is to lure people in without giving them what they want (until you get what you want). So if you want to create an effective and high-converting squeeze page, give something away, but make it small. If you claim to give away too much, it will cause suspicion. The goal is to give meaningful information that is easy to understand and apply (so not a 200 page eBook that no one will get through).

sample-13) Ask for less – the trick in converting leads on a squeeze page is to reduce the amount of information you ask for. Where a lead generation landing page might ask a consumer to fill out 5, 6 and even 10 fields, a squeeze page should have no more than 3 fields (with two being even better). All you need as a company is the name and email of the potential client. Keep is simple guys!

4) Make your call to action relatable (this one is obvious to our loyal blog followers) – your call to action, especially on a squeeze page, is extremely important. That is why we suggest using a personalized call to action that motivates the consumer.

Instead of “Submit” say “I want my free eBook”

Instead of “Subscribe” say “I want free access”

Get it?

5) Do not overwhelm your visitor – a squeeze page should make careful use of the space available, colors and images. To create an effective squeeze page the trick is to keep is simple. If you can limit your copy to 150-200 words, use a simple and clear font and pinpoint the information you want to stand out, you will be one step closer to creating a high-converting squeeze page.

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