How to Plan a Great Promotional Calendar

Promotions, like good content marketing strategies, do not happen overnight; and they certainly don’t happen without meticulous planning.

Planning a promotional calendar is often tied to budget planning and content marketing planning. The reason behind that is because it gives companies an idea of the budget they need to allocate to certain promotions, and lets the content marketing team know when to push offers that the company is pouring more money into.

Promotional calendars do not necessarily have to match up with the gregorian calendar. Many companies have seasonal promotional calendars or promotional calendars that are in line with the school year start and fall specials (IE September start).

How to plan a great promotional calendar is really about organization, timing and strategy.

  1. Start by listing out the calendar events as they relate to your business such as seasons, holidays etc.  No need to enter every single event in your promotional calendar – if you are targeting Europe, no need to include Columbus Day in your schedule for example. Don’t forget to include local events that can be used to promote sales.
  2. It is always recommended to look at past performance of promotions as well as independent sales. If you have an increase boost in sales in a particular month, perhaps consider adding that to your promotional calendar to capitalize on that success and boost it further. If you can analyze previous years promotions you can see what your consumers responded to best and try to replicate those promotions.
  3. Don’t forget to be prepared and plan for the unexpected (we know it’s ironic but you’ll get it soon). Things happen; life gets in the way. Everyone knows that. All of a sudden a product tanks and you need to get it off your hands, a new technology is available and you want to let everyone know you have it.. whatever the case, leave room for unknown items.

Once you have all those things jotted down, create a schedule listing all the major events and the promotions you want to push and begin jotting down your ideas. Once you have your promotional calendar ready, get your content marketing team in the room to start deciding what to write and where each promotion should be placed!

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