What is a landing page?

You know you need marketing help. So you reach out to a marketing agency, set up a meeting and hear a lecture about your lead generation abilities and the conversion rates of your landing page.

The problem is, no one ever bothered explaining to you what is a landing page exactly.

Ok ok, we’re guilty of doing this too (just see our advanced lead generation blog that doesn’t explain the basics about landing page)

Well, there is no better time than now to learn a new tool – and this one is an important one, so pay attention.

A landing page is, simply put, a website page that a visitor lands on. However, this isn’t to be confused with any old website page. While the landing page can (and should) sit on your domain, the landing page is not one that can be reached while navigating through your site. What does that mean? It means that site visitors should not reach the landing page by clicking something on your site, but rather through marketing campaigns that have an objective in mind.

A landing page is a specific page on your site with a distinct purpose or objective. The objective varies based on your individual company needs, however the two most common types of landing pages are lead generation landing pages and click-through landing pages.

A Lead Generation Landing Page is a page that is geared towards the collection of data. Landing pages that are focused on generating leads seek to drive visitors to fill out a form on their page. Much of the design, copy and content on the landing page will direct people to the form, which is the pivotal point of the page.

The purpose of a lead generation landing page is to help companies collect the most valuable information out there – the contact information of potential clients. While some companies have long forms, the most common practice today is to have a simple form with few fields to fill out.

Once a company collects the contact information of a potential customer, they can connect with them in the future and build a relationship with them in the hopes that they will one day become a paying customer.

Many lead generation pages lure visitors to submit their information with the promise of an item upon completion of the form. This can range from a free eBook, access to webinar, special offer or entry into a contest.



Great click-through landing page from Monoshot

A Click-Through Landing Page, like a lead generation landing page, is a page that cannot be reached while strolling through your website. You probably figured out the purpose of a click-through landing page just by the name; that’s right. The website wants you to click through that page in order to reach another page.
You’re probably wondering why a company would do such a thing. Well, this is an especially common practice in eCommerce companies that have elaborate sales funnels that are designed to follow potential customers with specific targeting through each step of the way.

Click-through landing pages often have more information than the campaign that drove the customer to the page and they are intended to provide the potential with more information on the way to completing a purchase.

Many companies mistakenly direct people straight through to the shopping cart or checkout cart which intimidates customers (whoah there, I wasn’t ready to bust out my credit card just yet!). That’s why many companies have integrated a click through landing page to provide customers with more information. The assumption here is that once a customer reads the information and clicks through to the following step, they will have more information and will be more likely to complete the transaction.

There are many ways to optimize your landing page and design it to be more effective – and we’ll be sharing some of those secrets with you in the coming posts, so stay tuned!

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